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Mitel System

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Thank you for visiting Kortelco for all your Telecom needs!

Kortelco is dedicated to our customers and provide only the best information. We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to serve you with any information that you might request. As you can see from our prices and services that we provide, we are the best independent distributor of Telecom Equipment in the nation.

With over 20 years experience in the telecommunications industry we provide only the best business telephone systems, voice mails, ACD software, headsets and much more.

You can browse our incredible inventory and purchase phones, components and even entire systems online with ease and satisfaction. Also checkout our comprehensive information about all of our products which include: Brochures, Manuals, Compatibility Charts, Software Feature Lists and Technical Tips and Suggestions. Our first priority here at Kortelco is to ensure that our customers are educated and we will provide any information that is available on any system we supply. As well as a complete inventory of products we also sell recording devices, cordless telephones, reference and training books, uninterrupted power supplies (UPS's) and many other related telecom accessories.


Mitel Phone

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Mitel Consoles




Mitel Superset 4 Phone 9174-000-005-NA
Mitel SX 50 Card File 9104-073-001-SA
Mitel SX 50 Main Control Card I 9104-010-001-SA
Mitel Superset 420 Phone 9115-000-XXX-NA
Mitel Superset 410 Phone 9114-000-000-NA
Mitel Superset 4 Phone 9174-000-005-NA
Mitel Superset 430 Phone 9116-000-XXX-NA
Mitel Superset 401+ Phone 9113-000-XXX-NA
Mitel Superset 4DN Phone 9184-000-001-NA
Mitel Superset 4 Phone 9174-000-005-NA
Mitel Superset 3DN Phone 9183-000-200
Mitel Superset 4150 Phone 9132-150-200-NA
Mitel Superset 4125 Phone 9132-125-202-NA
Mitel Superset 4025 Phone 9132-025-200-NA
Mitel Superset 4001 Phone 9132-001-200-NA
Mitel Superset 4015 Phone 9132-015-200-NA
Mitel E&M Trunk Card (2 Trunks) 9110-013-000-SA
Mitel Superset Line Card (8 Circuit) 9110-410-000-NA
Mitel DID Analog Trunk Card (2 Circuit) 9110-031-000-NA
Mitel CO Trunk Card (4 Port) 9110-211-000-NA
Mitel 8 Station Line Card 9110-110-000-NA
Mitel E&M Trunk Card (2 Trunks) 9110-013-000-SA
Mitel Superset Line Card (8 Circuit) 9110-410-000-NA
Mitel DID Analog Trunk Card (2 Circuit) 9110-031-000-NA
Mitel 8 Station Line Card 9110-110-0S00-NA
Mitel 5240 IP Telephone
Mitel 5235 IP Telephone
Mitel 5230 IP Telephone
Mitel 5220 IP Telephone
Mitel 5215 IP Telephone
Mitel 5207 IP Telephone
Mitel 5201 IP Telephone
Mitel 5201 IP Phone Dark Grey 50002815
Mitel 5207 IP Phone Dark Grey 50003812
Mitel 5215 IP Phone Dark Grey 50002817
Mitel 5055 SIP PHONE DARK GREY 50001200
Mitel 5215 IP Phone Dark Grey 50002817
Mitel MOH/Paging Unit/DNIC Module 9401-000-024-SA
Communication RAM MC204BA
Mitel ACD Shelf Power Supply MP914AA
Mitel BAL Transceiver MC243BA
Mitel COV Card (12 Circuits) MC323BA
Mitel DID/Loop Tie Trunk Card (4 Circuits) MC341CA
Mitel DNIC Line Card (16 Circuits) MC330AB
Mitel LS/GS Trunk Card (8 Circuits) MC340AA
Mitel Main Control Card MC214AA
Mitel Main Control Card II MC211AA
Mitel ONS Line Card (16 Circuits) MC320BD
Mitel Peripheral Switch Controller II MC312AB
Mitel SCSI Terminator MA170AA
Mitel SS 700 Control Unit 9400-200-113-NA
Mitel SX2000 Keyboard /HS MU190CD
Mitel Superset 7DN Control Card MC410AA
Mitel System Controller III MC208AA
Mitel Superset 4000 Series Sets Option 9109-532-007-NA
Mitel Fax Tone Detection Option 9109-532-010-NA
2nd Port on IP Phones License 54000929
ACD Real Time Event Option 9109-532-013-NA
Auto Attendant Option 9109-532-001-NA
CLASS Sets Option 9109-532-022-NA
Compression Resource License (8 Channels) 54000890
Digital Bay License (Qty 1) 54000924
IP Phone License (Qty 4) 54000923
IP Set License (Qty 1) 50000660
Mitel Application Interface Option  9109-532-002-NA
SX-200 EL/ML 1st Digital Link S/W Option  9109-533-201-NA
SX-200 EL/ML/SX-200 ICP 3rd Digital link S/W option 9109-533-203-NA
SX-200 EL/ML/SX-200 ICP 4th Digital link S/W option 9109-533-204-NA
Suite Services Option 54000131
TDM Device Option (Qty 4) 54000970
Voicemail Bilingual Prompts 54000950
Voicemail Box License (Qty 4) 54000922
Mitel Console Control Card 9110-006-000-NA
Mitel Quad Receiver Card 9110-016-000-NA
Mitel SX100 Cabinet 9105-001-000-NA
Mitel SX100 Interconnect Board 9105-023-000 NA
Mitel SX100 Power Supply 9105-008-000 NA
Mitel Tone Control Card 9110-005-000-NA
Mitel Scanner Card 9110-104-000-NA
Mitel SX200 Cabinet 9110-001-000-NA
Mitel SX200 Interconnect Board 9110-124-000 NA
Mitel Tone Control Card 9110-005-000-NA
Mitel Back Door Power Supply (SX200) 9110-108-000 NA
Mitel Scanner Card 9110-104-000-NA
Mitel SX-200 ELx Cabinet 9109-600-001-NA
Mitel SX-200 Peripheral Node BCC II (110v) 9109-652-004
Mitel Bay Control Card I 9109-017-000-SA
Mitel Bay Control Card II 9109-017-001-SA
Mitel Main Control Card 9109-036-000-SA (SX200D/SX200L)

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